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Feedback on my Channel please :)

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by Tman, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. Just open to other opinions about the content and channel that I have. I play games like Rust and The Forest at the moment. Just want my videos to be entertaining as well as funny at times. I don't know what games I should consider next any suggestions?

    Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/tmanohhh
  2. your channel is prety sick man!
    your banner and logo are SICK! they are smooth, and you should keep em like that!
    i can't say anything bad about your channel really. it's sick, good quality and content.
    so i would just say: keep grinding!
    if you could check out my channel and give me some feedback aswell it would be much appreciated!
    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDfIFCCotXv3rGDFQIi3abg thanks!
  3. I think your content is pretty good. Your commentary to the gameplays is fun to hear and the quality is decent. I see that you've been inactive for a long period of time. In that case, it's pretty hard to reactivate your subscribers. That's why your views are a bit on the low side at the moment. You need to focus on attracting new viewers and reconnecting with your old subscribers.

    Your banner and thumbnails look nice, but they have two completely different styles. Are you going for a serious look or a more playful look? A good thumbnail template that really matches your channel design would be a good idea.

    Other than that, keep up to good work :).
  4. Your content is pretty good. Recently your content has been sporadic which is normal schedules are hard. Once you get one down with at least three videos a week, your view count goes up by a lot. Also you could get more subscribers that way. From a weekly schedule we got from 200 -420 in like 2-3 weeks. Your content does align with us and I would really love to do forest videos with you. I did one of those promotion things with another Youtuber, but if you want to ever to col-lab we are here.
    - ToxicityAiki

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