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Earning More!!

Discussion in 'Milestones' started by Man_Like_Man, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. Hey Everyone!!

    I am earning more than I usually do this month! I had gotten really depressed last year after I had some super mean trolls that said some really cruel things. I know we aren't supposed to register their statements, but I really sunk deep down into their words.

    I'm back on youtube this year and although my numbers are really low, my earnings are increasing since beginning youtube as a (hopeful) full-time commitment in August of 2014.

    My channel is youtube.com/manlikeman123 and I could really use your support! People seem to gravitate to the dislike button which is totally fine, but I could use some uplifting encouragement on my channel from each of you!

    Love and respect,

    --manlikeman123.com, David
  2. I'll be sure to check out your channel and stay active! Don't let the hate stop you though @Man_Like_Man :)
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  3. Thank you!! I will keep pushing forward!!
  4. Thats great to hear man!

    Hope your enjoying your stay at the forums too! Well be hosting loads of cool new competitions and events to get you guys collaborating!
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  5. Sounds great!!
  6. Dont get the trolls get to your mind. Unfortunately trolls will always be present. Just focusing in producing good content and try to get better on each video

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