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Demonetization...What does that mean for us?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Naturallyorz, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. i recently received an email from YouTube saying my videos would be demonetized by Feb 20, 2018 because I haven't reached their threshold of 4K hours of views within the last year. What effect does that have on my partnership with Scalelab? Will you guys just cease with my current contract?
  2. Hey NaturallyOrz!

    I believe you will become one of our community members at this stage until your eligible for monetisation again. This is essentially the same as being a partner with us (You'll get access to the ScaleLab dashboard and forums soforth) however with the exclusion of monetisation payments.

    To clarify however, id recommend emailing partner support at support@scalelab.com ! They will get back to you asap! :)

    Hope this helps!
  3. Betetr question is, that would networks joint against Youtube new rule to force them think and make some changes? Because what they did it's REALLY BAD to small networks like ScaleLab itself who does not have enough BIG STARS to make revenue to ScaleLab. It means lots of money lost for ScaleLab and other Networks. By my analysis about 80% Networks will disappear from this market after new Youtube rule. Will be ScalelLab one of them who will close business after that?
  4. Thanx for the reply, I will email them directly
  5. That's a great question, I'd love to see networks stand up for us and themselves cause like you said they will be losing out on money as well.
  6. Another great point, the likelihood of that happening is very slim i can assure you however!

    Sadly yes :( However it is YouTube's platform and therefore any new rules/implementation is what we have to follow! Usually there is a valid reason behind each change however, and as a network just have to adapt to the new change!

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