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Dashboard feature suggstion: "Cinema"

Discussion in 'Ideas, Bugs, and Suggestions' started by WarriorDan, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. It'd be interesting if ScaleLab added a new "Cinema" tool, where users could share their newest YouTube uploads, by entering the YouTube video url link, and have their video featured alongside other ScaleLab partners' videos, all on one tile-based interface. When a user clicks on one of the video tiles, the video would expand into a larger video player. For every minute the user watches of other people's videos, they gain 1 point. Once they reach a certain number of points, say for example 10 points, they would be able to spend said points on sharing their own video on this platform.

    Additionally, users should be able to vote up/vote down videos on this page, with the top 5 upvoted videos of the last 24 hours being featured in a separate row above the normal video gallery, to show what videos are "Trending".

    Creating a system like this, where users are encouraged to, and rewarded for, watching other people's videos, and have the power to upvote the newest videos they deem most worthy, might help provide some much-needed exposure for talented creators, big or small.

    This would also make the ScaleLab dashboard more interesting, as it would greatly expand the empthasis on internal community interaction and engagement. Just an idea though, but one I hope eventually gets added by the excellent ScaleLab team.
  2. Great suggestion!

    Ill forward this to our developers. Who knows, it may even be implemented in the near future!
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  3. It'd be amazing if it does get added! I for one would definitely love to see what new content people are making! Maybe you could tie this into a collaboration tool? Like when the video pops up, to the right add a few options like "Message User" or "View Channel", so users can easily find and interact with each other if they wish.
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