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Discussion in 'Collaborations' started by tackheadgaming, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. I am looking to create CSGO videos with some one:

    Fluent in english
    Decent mic
    100+ subs xD
    A player in silver or gn1 who is actually ok
  2. I have almost 1.1K, I am fluent in English, I have a good mic and I'm Silver 2 but I used to be Silver 4
  3. Nice! Unlucky im in Silver 2 haha :)
  4. I have 1400 subs, and im silver 2, iv been looking for someone around my skill level to play CS:GO with :)
  5. Sounds good m8
  6. I'm MG1 (Was MGE) xD I know I'm a bit above but I don't mind. If you wanna play, tweet me at @imblob or go to my channel; imcalledblob1.

  7. I placed into Silver Elite Master way back when, but haven't played since I moved about 3 months ago
    Looks like interent might be coming to my house TOMORROW and would like to get back in. VERY experienced with FPS games (with TF2 being a major part of my channel so far) so CS GO is something I'd love to return to

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