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Constructive Feedback is Need

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by Rekiso102, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Hello Everyone!

    I'm Rekiso102, I am a young gaming Youtuber and I am looking for some channel feedback. I would encourage you to subscribe if you enjoy and if you have any feedback comment on this thread or in my comments section. I hope I can get some tips and tricks from Youtubers bigger or smaller.


  2. I'd say your overal quality is good. It is good now; it wasn't so good 4 months ago. I suggest you pick a different video for your channel trailer, as a newcoming viewer (like me) is now presented with this: Untitled.png (im talking about the black sidebars ofcourse)

    Other than that I'd say your doing really good. Your thumbnails are okay; try to make them all a little more uniform tho, as your video page may come across as rather chaotic for newcomers.

    Hope this helps ^-^
  3. i must say i like ur channel.
    i'm not really into minecraft, and i absolutly never played tubytycoon. but the video quality is really nice. i would suggest chaning your banner though. i know it's just a template, but it doens't fit your channel at all. you don't play the games that are seen in your banner. but all the other things are pretty good.

    if you could check out my channel and give me some feedback it would be much appreciated!
  4. Nice Channel!

    Make sure you keep uploading regularly and also make sure you put relevant tags in the descriptions of your videos, those two things will draw people in.

    What do you think to our latest video?

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