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Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by MR_Mumblz, Feb 1, 2017.


Can you please give me feedback?

  1. Doing a good job and why?

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  2. Could improve and why?

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  1. Hey guys would really like come feedback i have been doing youtube for around 7 months and i have not had any feedback really. Would really appreciate it if anyone gives me feedback would also try and offer anyone help in needed areas. Thanks

  2. do what i did move your games to a second channel and your all good
  3. my main channel is gaming though???
  4. I like the fact that you seem very genuine in your video's, your reactions and mannerisms don't feel forced, the variety of gaming content is quite nice too
    Personally enjoyed your COD new Christmas map video, was a nice intro to a well edited montage
    I'd like to see a few more challenge vids on your channel but other than that Keep going the way you are man, enjoy your content and keep loving what you do my friend
  5. Thank you man i appreciate the kind words and i will be doing more challenges every soon, im gonna be checking your channel out bro! But really thank you for the kind words!! you keep the hard work too
  6. i noticed alot of it is not games just ether move the games to a second channel or move the others that is not games to a new channel other then that your good

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