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Channel FeedBack

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by LJ_Shipwreck, Jan 18, 2017.


Keep doing what I'm doing?

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  1. So I am new to the forums but I just wanted to ask all you guys something? Could you guys give me feedback on my channel videos and other things that have to do with my channel? I do know my logo and channel banner aren't the best but right now I'm looking for people who I could get to make new ones for me. So don't worry about telling me about that because I do already know about that. Also of course if you guys enjoy my channel your always welcome to subscribe!

  2. Hi mate!

    So i went to visit your channel, and before I even clicked on a video the first things i noticed were:
    • You have a large amount of recommended channels on your featured list. (not a bad thing but it drew my attention away from the videos)
    • Your video titles all have brackets in, for me it makes it difficult to read. Try using something other than brackets, for your most recent upload for example. "TIME TO GO BOOM (Minecraft Factions)" could look much better like Time to go BOOM - Minecraft Factions.
    • Your videos are all quite long, especially the Minecraft ones which most are over half an hour. I watched a couple of them, i'm not a huge fan of Minecraft anyway, however you could certainly cut down the video by editing out some of the less interesting parts, even if you have to explain what you just did to get where you are, its better than losing viewers because they don't have time to watch the dull bits.
    • As you said yourself, your presentation of your channel could be better, I don't see anything wrong with your avatar, however your channel art, doesn't give anything away about your channel. The thumbnails you use for your videos also don't give much away. The ones where you have got a edited thumbnail, for example the free minecraft server video and the minecraft tower defense are the videos that drew my attention most.
    Overall, I think your doing pretty well, you are uploading consistently, however, if you spent a little longer on the production, with some editing, an eye catching thumbnail, you will see more people tuning in to watch your videos. Definitely shorten them though and keep your videos to the point. Make them in to two episodes if you have to.

    If you are struggling with graphic design, watch some tutorials on how to create things. I taught myself how to use photoshop, vegas pro and after effects and it certainly makes your channel look more professional.

    Keep up the good work, and i wish you the best of luck with your channel.
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  3. Great in depth feedback Cheeky_Peach!

    The only thing i could add is perhaps to take some more time editing, or even try some new editing or graphic contact to improve the look and feel of your channel!

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