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Channel Feedback

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by ExeterinRevolution, May 10, 2015.

  1. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/user/exeterrevolution[/youtube]

    I have been looking for some constructive feedback. I am looking forward to you either trashing or loving my channel.

    Thank you
  2. You play a mice diversity of games that appeal to a wide variety of demographics ! Speech content in your videos is nice, not too much not too little either ! Banner could use some work in my own opinion, but if that's your thing then I say keep going with it and great job !
  3. I would have to question what you are doing to promote your channel? I noticed you have videos from months ago that only have 3/4 views which can't be right. Do you use social media to promote your videos? do you use relevant tags in the videos? Thumbnails seem good but banner is certainly...hmm..interesting

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