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Channel Art FREE

Discussion in 'Collaborations' started by pythagorus, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. Hey! My name is Its Fizio from YouTube and first off I want to thank you for this opportunity! So I play Black Ops 2 and make challenges, pranks, stuff like that. I want a clean, fresh, nice looking banner. Not something too complex, but something that someone would look at and think, "wow". So if you do that I'll shout you out in my next video (only if I like it though lol). If you need to contact me, my skype is 'jssarge7' and my email is [email='jssarge7@gmail.com]'jssarge7@gmail.com[/email]'. Thank you!
  2. I am making a Ultra Super Shoutout Sunday
    If you are interested in join follow me on twitter and say that u are in and i will folllow u back so we can dm on what to do.https://twitter.com/TheRealLGPH
  3. Hey I want a new profile pic for my YT channel and a new banner and in the banner my skin and my name that is Chicken Gamer

    gillsboy.png There is my skin
  4. Hey watup man i would like channel art
  5. I want channel art plz,
    I recently changed my name to LitPvp, but you can only get to it by using the old channel name: themixedserver123.

    my skype: themixedserver123

    A profile pic and banner plz

    My Skin:

    Attached Files:

  6. anyone that could make me a dope channel art that would be awesome!! our youube is J.A Hoops and we post basketball vids challenges and reactions

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