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Can I Get Some Feedback On My Channel?

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by Revolutionz, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. just wondering what you guys think of these videos in particular, any room for improvement

  2. I like the style you're getting at, but i have some suggestions that could improve your content.
    1. Your commentary: This is a personal opinion of mine, but if you can't change it at least consider it. Your commentary when you and your friend scream and rage gets me a vibration in my eardrums. consider reducing the audio in your commentary a bit to avoid that in the future. play around with the audio editor in your editing program. If you're using audacity as your voice recording software, then I suggest using the compressor effect under effects after you finish recording in audacity. it'll reduce the audio peaks and it should give less of a vibration in the eardrum, and with messing with the audio in the editing software. it should be great in between for both you and the viewer.
    2. Add some background music and sound effects: When you make a montage the majority of youtubers add background music and SFX(disc scratching, whistle, dinging sound, etc....) to make the video more entertaining. what kind of background music and SFX you use is up to you, so you need to experiment on what kind would fit with that specific clip. However it's better if you use the SFX in moderation than all the time because it can backfire as the viewer watching might find that annoying. Note that by adding the SFX and BG music, you'd be reducing the game audio by a bit.

    I'd comment on your commentary regarding the attitude you give to the people in the game, but then again I feel that it's part of the game. I'm not a CS:GO player so i can't have a say on that. Anyways with these suggestions i feel that there should be an improvement in your youtube channel.

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