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Building a gaming community!

Discussion in 'Promote your Channel' started by RioTrio, Jan 16, 2020.


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    Hi everyone reading this i hope you are having an amazing day i would like to start off by saying this is for gamer's who want to progress in the industry.

    Little bit of info on myself... I am a young motivated lad who wants to build and grow a following on the YouTube platform by doing what i love which is playing video games and trying to inspire others into the gaming scene, if you want to check out my channel which is called "Rio Trio" I post gaming clips, montages, tutorials etc, also if you want to leave a comment on one of my videos that would be great i will try my best to reply to each one.

    Lastly before you get bored aha is if you want to be apart of what i do daily which is game i'd highly recommend Subscribing to me, this will mean a lot to me as i'm trying to grow! Thanks for your time reading this really appreciate it.
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