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Anyone Need Some Channel Feedback ?

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by Becoming King, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. Here is the link to my most recent video! I spend a lot of time on my videos so please enjoy! I would really like it if you can give feedback as a comment on the video! I will definitely return the favor right away!
  2. Alright so I just finished giving feed back to your channels
  3. can you give me some feedback pls
    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKFCdt ... ZAR85yXWFw
  4. Hey Nice Channel i Subscribed to it! and check out a few of your videos.
    check out my channel if anyone wants to i do Destiny Videos Vlogs, and more!
    http://www.youtube.com/user/tiny2miler :D
  5. I Would love some feedback on my channel!

    I started off growing a lot quicker than I thought I would but I haven't gotten any subs in the last couple weeks, if anyone has some constructive feedback I would greatly appreciate it!
    My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfHHhr ... oVLY7lCW9g

    Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey Everyone ! I hope my feedBack IS helping But I haven't been getting much back and that's Fine ! but I'm kinda getting tired of doing gaming channel review/feedback so I'm just gonna give some general tips for everyone that you can refer too if I just decide not do feedback or something like that ! Don't be afraid to ask for feedback still , I'm always down to help as much as I can !

    #1. This goes for everyone , if your game channel , entertainment channel , whatever the number one thing everyone need's to do first before they make any videos ! is to know exactly what they are trying to make or do , so for example if your a gaming channel , do you want to make videos like PewDiePIe , or do you want to something like angry joe ? or do you want to do game tutorials and walk-through's ? find out exactly what you want your channel to be based on , what you want to give to your audience ! after you do this study other channels that you want to be like ! so if you want to be like PewDiePie study he's videos see what he does that make people like his video ! look at everything the way he talk's , his music choice , the way he edits , his thumbnails , all of that stuff and even more you have to all this into consideration when making your videos so they come out the way you want them to !

    #2. Build a personality or persona for your self as youtuber ! The content is key , don't get me wrong but I see a lot of people neglecting the fact that you can be anyone want to be on to a fault ! I'm saying lie but you want to be dramatic , enthusiastic , etc.. , Viewer Come to Watch what you video is about but they subscribe and keep watching because they like who you are ! and you don't even have to be your self for example look at Miranda sings or Peter chao they created characters for them selves for youtube ! you don't have to go that far but remember you want your videos to be as interesting as possible !

    #3. Other than content their is a number of things that may be need to make your video great ! To start out with you need at least HD capable equipment ! all smart phones have HD cameras on them so I'm saying you need a DSLR to have good videos but the you need to have at least HD quality for the average viewer ! and Sound is the next big thing sound is almost more important than visuals if you don't have a good sound quality than not very man people will want to subscribe or come back to watch more videos , this can be help in a number of different ways , if you have a camera play with mic settings to see what sounds the best , if you don't have a mic i suggest looking into buying a good one, you dont want your audio to airy or too loud listen to other bigger youtubers audio and see if you find a way to getting it to their level ! some other things they almost a must is Musical support in your videos , background music helps set the tone of your videos , if you want a happy up beat video you put back ground music in to reflect that . And Just music but sound effect as well to give your words life and help convey your message better ! last but not least is color correction ! color correction helps you make your video look professional not all videos need this but it is something to look into and something to think about !

    #4. The First 10-15 seconds is the amount of time you have to get new viewers interested ! your thumbnail and title is your battle ground , you want your thumbnail to give a interesting thought provoking peek into you video and your title to give a little information but still be interesting! its called click bate ! it takes awhile to really learn how to do it right but its defiantly something you should always try to improve on and get better at ! after they click on the your video you have 10-15 second window to get them interested ! so have a 20 second intro isn't good for business , use that 10 second to the fullest !

    #5. if your videos are more 3-4 minutes they might be too long ! depending on your fan base and content you videos might need to be shorter ! I manage a entertainment channel we try to keep our videos between 3-6 minutes long sometimes they go up to 10 but not usually ! I say this because the average attention span for a non-subscribed viewer is about 3 minutes if the bulk of your content fits in 3 minute than your good but people do look at how long your video is and if its really long they might not even stick around longer than the time it takes them to look at your time stamp ! but like is said it all depends on your target audience !

    There A Lot more I could cover but those are specific things that should come after all of the tips I just gave are done ! One last thing I do suggest is to research everything so if you want better quality video look into different equipment that might help you do that or different editing programs , how to do different things in editing , learn more about what your talking about , You gotta do research and keep trying to improve if you want to great at anything !

    I Hope these tips help ! and good luck ! and check out my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZnXsMXUm0tVF6bzqNl1_tA

  7. Please subscribe my channel

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  10. Please Help.me to check my channel ..I'm a new here thank You

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