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Any One want to collab?

Discussion in 'Collaborations' started by MedGval, Feb 3, 2017.


Collab on an Animation or Gaming video

  1. Animation

  2. Gaming

  1. Hi I'm a gaming and animation youtuber.I do only play on an android (So I'm pretty limited) but I make it work I guess.The games I play are:

    Pokemon Fire Red
    Pokemon Sapphire
    Ocean Horn

    I haven't reallly made an animation yet but I'm working on the frames at the moment.So let me know either with a reply or an email.My email is medgioval@gmail.com

    and heres my channel link:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8k4RbwhgPrhOHutcuGBfjg
  2. iam down to work with you
  3. Cool.So what video do you want to make?
  4. i dont know got any ideas?
  5. Maybe we could do both an animation and a gaming video?
  6. what animation video?
  7. I am a bit of an animator,but don't worry the animation video is optional
  8. i want to do a animation show on my channel with episodes if your down to do that?
  9. Yeah that sounds good.Should we talk on google hangouts to make the rrding sound better
  10. ummm i dont use the hang outs you can email me or something thought let me know and whats rrding?
  11. oops sorry I meant recording.I mentioned hangouts because its free and we can call each other on it so we can talk when we record to get a better quality video
  12. i dont use hang outs and we dont have to call each other i dont see how it would be better with that when ywe can record our voices for this new show
  13. thought it could give a better feel to the audio when we talk to each other.Anyways when do you want to make the video?
  14. Video's that have voices included with the video makes it easier to speak to each other instead of text over and over making you stop and read the text of others or if the text is too small for others too see. It depends on how much you scaled the thing. But sometimes it gets annoying when you do it for 3 hours. There's other things that are useful are Discord,Skype,Hangout,Curse Voice, Etc.
  15. Would you like to be in one of my videos?
  16. :) I can surely join you in a video anytime for commentary. I might not be able to play the game but i can speak to you to help :D
  17. Great!You could be in one of my animations.
  18. I been waiting for you to awhile?
    What's up. Are you unable to contact me. If so just send a skype message to darkknight2314
    Or join my discord https://discord.gg/2uXpbCK
  19. Sorry I've been very busy with school.I'm free to shoot a video tomorrow.I'll add you to a Hangouts conversation so that I can get the audio I need for my animation.What video do you want to make for your channel?
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  20. How about a small convo to learn about each other first :)
    Then we can start a video like normal.. e.e.. I was trying to find a way to get you a minecraft account but i'm kinda broke atm.

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