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Any Android Gaming/Animation YouTubers want to make a video?

Discussion in 'Collaborations' started by MedGval, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. Hi I'm the YouTuber MedGval,you may have seen some of my videos but possibly not considering I'm barely over 100 subs.Anyways if you're an android YouTuber I'd be happy to collaborate with you!If you would like to make an appearance in my 100 subscriber celebration video let me know!

    email me at medgioval@gmail.com if you're interested
  2. Buddy shall we collaborate...On android right? Which game?? Reply fast :)
    PS:- I have 60 Subscribers...
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  3. You can choose the game. Just make sure that it's a multiplayer game.
  4. i dont know much of games, recommend any...And I have 69 Subscribers...Choose any game and message me on twitter at @AribShaikh6
  5. Yo tambien quiero colaborar :RENo importa el juego, solo diganme uno.125 subs
  6. want to collaborate on an animation

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