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Any and all insight is greatly appreciated! Link me your channels and ill offer any help I can :D

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by atalkinghippo, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. Hello ScaleLab!

    I put up a video a couple days ago and i put a lot of time and effort into editing and trying to keep the video more engaging and I would really appreciate if you guys could give me your opinion on it and maybe even offer some advice on some things I could do differently!

    If you guys leave a link to your channel in a reply to this thread I will check it out and offer any insight I can. :D

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Mind putting a link?
  3. I would love to help you but uh kinda missing the link :p
  4. OH my god I am sorry I was like 99% sure the video was embed when I posted this. Sorry about that, here it is
  5. I looked at some of your videos. They are pretty impressive.
    But, there's limited editing on some thumbnails.
    But all in all it's pretty good. Sound quality of voice is perfect.
    I'm not so great on my part ^~^"... So, i'm just giving you a scope of what you did right.
    Anyway, You have a good train of thought tho the cussing needs to be turned down a bit.
    You have the games audio correctly placed with your mic where it won't blast over your voice and other things.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! I really does help to know what people like and don't like :D The sound quality has always been a bit of an issue for me, I feel like it's almost too sensitive because it picks up a bit of background noise but I do what I can. I wholeheartedly agree with you on the thumbnails and it's still something I'm working on!
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  7. I hate audio at times!
    It's hard to balance even with the perfect audio converter.
    But, you are doing allot better then me :) I been having issues where it's too low but it's high on my end but on the video it's super low.
  8. Do you record youre microhpone audio seperate from your game audio? i find its much easier to do it that way then you can change the levels in editing to make it sound better
  9. :) I would do that but i'm not fully sure how to do it correctly ^~^"....
  10. You can set up a program called audacity to seperately record your microphone audio from everything else, its actually as easy as pressing record on the program (y)I'm not sure what you use to record the game itself but i find OBS studio to be quite user friendly and extremely customizable! Whichever program you use just dont record the microphone with it and instead record it with Audacity :) Hope that made sense!
  11. Oh, thank you ;) And it's Blue Yeti :) High Quality sound plus has a thing you plug into it to make it possible to hear if its correct or not.
    I'm currently using OBS studios.
    Pain in the bum when it won't work correctly tho where it won't select the screen or do the resolution i want it to be.
  12. Okay so almost the same as me, I got a Snowball :D so basically just mute the mic audio on OBS, and record it instead with Audacity, it definitely can be a pain but when you get it figured out its so nice, just takes a bit of tweaking and such. Good Luck!
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