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Channel AntraXMusicChannel. Support my channel. For helping artist. Read more.

Discussion in 'Promote your Channel' started by AntraXMusicChannel, Mar 3, 2020.

  1. Hello, I am new at this forum. First of all. Thanks for the visit this thread. Lets start talking what i do.

    Before Reading informations about my channel. You can check this link.

    For the Youtube music video's Entertaiments:
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe577jukeV5pO-N_EYoNNoQ?view_as=subscriber

    For the Facebook users. Can also check at:
    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AntraXMusicChannel/?modal=admin_todo_tour

    Channel Info:
    AntraXMusicChannel Is a Entertaiments channel. For helping artist for getting more vieuws + Subscribe.
    By Thanks for his permissions. I am ready to starting by creating background effect for his music.
    After Background effect is done. Then i will uploading my channel. As the same time. i will post his social Media links. , spotify , soundcloud. + more. links. its about what link there used. And setting up premier auto live starting.

    Video Title Info:
    By video title Will be comes like: Artistname - Song Name ( Trax Presented ) Why Trax Presented And not Release?
    Because most of them Aready uploaded online media. When there ask me about You can upload first. Then i should calling ( Trax Release )

    Support Info:
    Lets talking about Support Channel: Well Just as the same By Artist's
    Peoples Can follow My channel. Ofcourse Everyone are welcome for the enjoy.
    How ever. When peoples subs my channel. I will subs + like And also You channel too. My Phone will warning note me about subscript informations. That i know who did it. I open my screen and gonna subs you channel too.
    When i am busy with his background effect. then it will be late awnser. Or even when i am at working place.
    So keep it mind. When i am back at home. i will check phone. and when i see people subs i will subs back. Even when i am on the way to my house.

    Sorry for Breaking English. I realy hope you understanding.
  2. Yo i just went and subbed i like the music keep killing it!
    AntraXMusicChannel likes this.
  3. Thanks for the support . Also about gaming channel. You can check out my sec gaming channel :):

    I hope you enjoy

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