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A lot of content but no subs

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by burnsy coldbrain, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. Your quality seems to jump around like one video will have great mic and gameplay then another will seem kinda sub par but I understand that you've only been doing it for a short while and working the kinks out. I think if you consider taking the time to do more unique thumbnails, continue the great work ethic, and consider finding ways to drive traffic eventually you will build a nice following. The potential is definitely there. :)

  2. Hey :D

    3 Things you can do and you will gain subs I can recommend it.

    • 1 - A bit of a better less static mic recomended a usb mic
    • 2 - More enthousihasm you are putting me to speel (no offense)
    • 3 - And lastly your thumbnails they should be make me want to click on the video so try to be creative
  3. and one more things, you don't get subs over night

    it takes time, commitment and a lot of advertising hahah

    and when i say that go out and meet other Youtubers, message on their videos, watch people play games on twitch and ask them to keep in touch

    there is many ways to get subs but just find the best for you

    All the best

    Benjamin Thomas
  4. I watched several of your videos...and I would say two things be a little bit more enthused and just give it time. Its a lot harder to work your way up these days then it was a few years back. Over all I like your channel

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