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A feedback for my channel

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by ArboricumSandorsi, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. Hello everybody,
    I am pretty new here and was wondering if any of you would like to give me a feedback for my channel (and, why not, subscribe)
    It's a channel mainly intended to pubblish my music work, but I don't dislike curious and strange videos too;
    I am organizing a lot of interesting (or I think so) playlist to get more people connecting to it.

  2. Alright, so I checked out a few videos, including your channel trailer and wow! That was a pretty intense song lol (actually, may I use this song ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8bnaW4AcJk ) in some of my videos?) It has such a unique, unexpected, and slightly scary sound. But enough critiquing music lol

    I did not really get a sense of what your channel was about, it seemed to be rather haphazard and random in content. What people are looking for when they subscribe is a level of consistency, like, people sub to me because they know I'm going to post gaming content and not makeup tutorials (which would be horrifying to watch lol). However, as you say in the above post, you want it to be a way to get your music out. My suggestion is post music every day that you enjoy listening to (obviously you won't be able to monetize those videos unless you work that out with ScaleLab) and people will slowly subscribe because they will know, "oh hey, this guy regularly posts music I enjoy," and that will give you a subscriber base that then you can use to get your music out to.

    If you google "Youtube music channel" or something, you will find plenty of examples on how you can do it, I actually have a music channel like that, to do essentially the same thing as what you are talking about, and I was able to get a decent response on my first song (even though it was mediocre at best lol). But, to help you get started on the research, here is a music channel I frequent a lot: https://www.youtube.com/user/HDStrobeBeatsMusic/videos

    And you are making a smart move on the playlist idea, keep up the good work!

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